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Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Pumpkie Clans

Take a closer look at the Pumpkie Clans of Tenebris!

World of F-F #16 - Pumpkies

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Pumpkies

Pumpkies are a fierce and loyal animal whose ability to communicate telepathically with other beings, including humans makes them a uniquely powerful animal. Once Tenebris’ greatest allies, pumpkies (pronounced pump-keys) have since faded into legend. But these magic-wielding cat-like creatures are anything but myth! Dwelling in the mountain ranges of northwestern Tenebris, the three Pumpkie…


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Shamira

Meet Shamira, a fierce cat-like creature from my upcoming novel, Fire & Flight!


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight – Animals of Tenebris: Shadowjays

Shadow-jay; plural Shadowjays Shadowjays are a large bird native to Tenebris that are said to be able to restore magic to the land by sacrificing themselves. Nearly all black with streaks of gray and a hint of blue, Shadowjays are fickle creatures and not easily found. Reclusive, these birds have a slight tuft of feathers…


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Animals of Tenebris – Pollipes

Pollies are small creatures with almond-shaped eyes as dark as a moonless night. Shy, though energetic, Pollies come in a variety colors. It’s not uncommon to see a Pollipes (Polly-pez; plural: pollies) with emerald, amethyst, ruby, or even amber fur. Enjoying the treetops, Pollies tend to spend most of their time jumping from tree to…

World of F-F #11 Balmae Portrait

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Balmae, Six Hundred Years in the Making

Stability ~ Calm ~ Perseverance ~ Wisdom.

Learn about the Astretarian’s counterpart to Corruptio, Balmae as part of the world of Fire & Flight.

World of F-F #10 Corruptio Portrait

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Corruptio

Curiosity ~ Honor ~ Compromise

Learn about Corruptio, the god most looked to in times of turmoil or adversity.

World of F-F #9 Helpet Portrait

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Helpet

Perseverance ~ Wisdom ~ Protection To the Godberdians, Helpet is the omni-present goddess they look to the most. The first form of the old goddess, Helpet (help+pet) is one half of the greater world balance, though She doesn’t hold power over any specific realm of either good or evil. Fierce, regal, yet kind and compassionate,…


World of Fire & Flight: Happy Serenmae!

Can you believe it’s winter already? Neither can I! It seems like only yesterday I was introducing Harvum from my upcoming YA Fantasy novel, Fire & Flight, as autumn and now I get to talk about my favorite season of all: Serenmae (or winter)!


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Religion

Learn about the religions of Fire & Flight in this introduction to Tenebris.