Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Corruptio

Many thanks to @tadpole_art (Instagram) for this wonderful portrait of Corruptio!

Curiosity ~ Honor ~ Compromise

Corruptio, like His counterparts Helpet and later, Balmae in the Astretarian religion, is an omnipresent deity that helps to balance the world between the light and the dark. While those of the Godberdian faith regard Him skeptically and look to Him most in extreme times of dire need, they believe He tests their will and morality through different challenges and obstacles throughout their lives. Contemplative, fair, but also clever and honorable, Corruptio (core+rupt+chio) takes an active approach in testing the intentions of humanity through obstacles and challenges set in the path of an individual’s life. He doesn’t hope for a specific outcome, whether it be in the favor of the lighter half of the scale or the darker half, they are simply meant to test the will and moral reasoning of His subject.

Corruptio is often associated with Ursas, a reclusive creature of hulking stature and strength. Ursas are said to be clever-witted and proactive, though are often seen as dangerous because of their ability to climb, run, and swim.