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"A shrewd, absorbing fantasy showcasing extraordinary characters worth rooting for." — <i>Kirkus Reviews</i>

Local NJ Author Releases Debut Novel, Achieves Bestselling e-Book Status

Brianna R. Shaffery, a New Jersey native, published her debut young adult fantasy novel Fire & Flight earlier this summer on July 19th, and quickly climbed Amazon’s bestselling charts to #1 in five free e-book categories.


My Publishing Journey: Cover Design and Formatting Fire & Flight

Last week, I broke down the editing process for the first book in my epic fantasy series, Fire & Flight — Heirs of Tenebris trilogy: Book 1, and thought I’d share what happened behind the scenes of my cover design and book formatting process.

My Journey Through the Publishing Process Editing

My Publishing Journey: The Editing Process

I hope to help other authors like myself come to their own decision, so here’s a little more insight into the publishing industry through my own experience. So here’s another installment of my publishing journey! This time, I’m sharing my experience going through the professional editing process with my debut novel.


My Publishing Journey: Fire & Flight’s Launch Week

As many of you know, the first novel in my epic fantasy series, the Heirs of Tenebris, released last week on July 19th. Knowing that Fire & Flight is out in the world and that there are actually people reading the novel I poured my heart and soul into is mindboggling. I don’t know if I’ll ever get used to the fact that I’m a published author of a young adult fantasy book, but I’ll certainly never forget my launch week. Aside from the posts I shared on social media promoting my book release, I wanted to share my actual publishing journey with you and talk about some of the things that had happened behind the scenes of Fire & Flight’s debut (and mine too)!


It’s ALMOST release day!

With just a week away until the release day for Fire & Flight, I thought I’d share some important details before the big day!


Reviews = An Indie Author’s Success

Fire & Flight – Book 1: Heirs of Tenebris trilogy, my debut young adult fantasy series, is set to release in less than a month on July 19th, and with release day approaching, I’d like to talk about the nitty gritty of self-publishing: reviews.

YA Fantasy Series | Indie Author Brianna R. Shaffery

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Raverins

Learn about the raverin, another creature from my young adult fantasy series, the Heirs of Tenebris.

YA Fantasy Author | Brianna R. Shaffery

Why I Chose to Self-Publish

Many of you may be wondering why I decided to self-publish my young adult fantasy novel, Fire & Flight, over traditional publishing the first of many books to come in my author career.


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Taddles and Taddlings

Have you ever sat by a peaceful pool of crystal clear water and studied what may be swimming beneath its surface? When visiting the world of my young adult fantasy novel, Fire & Flight, if you look close enough in the gentle streams and brooks throughout the Shadow Forest, you may see the young taddlings…


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Sagittarii

Learn about the wildarris, a breed of sagittarii from my upcoming YA fantasy novel, Fire & Flight!