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Heirs of Tenebris: An Epic Young Adult Fantasy Trilogy

Immerse yourself in the world of Tenebris, the fantastical setting of the young adult fantasy trilogy, the Heirs of Tenebris, as main characters Nyla, Xander, and Shamira race to unravel the mysteries surrounding Nyla’s newfound powers before ancient evil remembered only in the legends of the Shadow Forest can destroy their homeland in the Heirs of Tenebris trilogy.

The Series:

For fans of character driven stories set in new fantastical worlds with a rich and mysterious history, original mythos, extraordinary characters, and magical adventures, readers travel through the heart of the Shadow Forest in book one, Fire & Flight, as seventeen-year-old Nyla and nineteen-year-old Xander each hope to find the legendary Fortune Falls—a mystical waterfall said to grant your deepest desires. But as their journey brings them into each other's confidences Nyla and Xander quickly realize that Nyla's newfound magical abilities and the answers she seeks extend much deeper than her own past. Embroiled in an ancient war for Tenebris's sovereignty, Nyla and Xander must reveal the truths hidden in the legends of the Shadow Forest before the centuries-old evil can destroy their homeland.

As they continue to unravel the mysteries surrounding them in book two, Embers of Eternity, Nyla and Xander are forced to face the deepest parts of themselves, leading to new discoveries they may not be prepared to face. Forced to trust outside forces and new allies, Nyla, Xander, and Shamira confront their pasts in order to mount a defense for not just their futures, but to protect the future of magic and all of Tenebris.

The trilogy's stunning conclusion, Winds of War, sees the past of 647 years ago collide with the present in a fierce battle for Tenebris's sovereignty and the sanctity of all of magic. Will Nyla and the forces assembled to assist her be able to defeat the legendary evil sorceress immortalized in the myths of the Shadow Forest? Or will Tenebris fall in the wake of the sorceress's wrath?

A tale of magic, adventure, and heart, the Heirs of Tenebris trilogy transports readers to a fantastic world with extraordinary characters in their quest for themselves and a sense of home.

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