Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Shamira

Thank you to the amazing Marcella Thaler Designs for bringing Shamira to life!

A prominent Pumpkie featured in the first book of my Heirs of Tenebris trilogy, Fire & Flight, is the intriguing Shamira. With sage-colored eyes and magic of the same hue, Shamira proves to be wise beyond her years with a fierce determination to do what she feels is right. Often sure of herself and her choice, Shamira finds herself in new surroundings and having to decipher the nuances of human communication if she hopes to aid her new companions. Slowly losing her brisk attitude, the Pumpkie of a varied black and gray coat finds herself growing fond of the humans she’s bound by duty to help and the world outside of the Pumpkies’ territory.

One of many personal journeys in Fire & Flight, Shamira’s dedication to both her duty and her newfound friendship gives new perspective to the world of Tenebris.