Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Animals of Tenebris – Pollipes

Huge thank you to Marcella Thaler Designs for bringing these to life!

Pollies are small creatures with almond-shaped eyes as dark as a moonless night. Shy, though energetic, Pollies come in a variety colors. It’s not uncommon to see a Pollipes (Polly-pez; plural: pollies) with emerald, amethyst, ruby, or even amber fur. Enjoying the treetops, Pollies tend to spend most of their time jumping from tree to tree or branch to branch than they do on the ground. Natural foragers, Pollies have an acute sense for danger, and are usually the first critter to know when predators are nearby, so if you hear a Pollipes letting out a panicked chirp, it’s best to run for your life!