Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Pumpkies

Thank you to Marcella Thaler Designs for this adorable family of pumpkies!

Pumpkies are a fierce and loyal animal whose ability to communicate telepathically with other beings, including humans makes them a uniquely powerful animal. Once Tenebris’ greatest allies, pumpkies (pronounced pump-keys) have since faded into legend. But these magic-wielding cat-like creatures are anything but myth! Dwelling in the mountain ranges of northwestern Tenebris, the three Pumpkie Clans live in total isolation behind a magical barrier that keeps their lands safe from those who would wish to do them harm. As the centuries have dragged on, the pumpkies have continued to watch over Tenebris from afar, always acting on their sacred duty as a Guardian of Tenebris. Far exceeding the natural lifespan of humans, the average pumpkie can live to be anywhere from eight to nine centuries old, with the oldest pumpkie in memory living to be just over a millennium old.

Myth or legend, the kingdom of Tenebris may not recall their once fearsome allies, but the pumpkies have not forgotten the humans they fought beside, nor their cause and role as Guardians of Tenebris.