Brianna R Shaffery Author

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: History is Complicated

Over six hundred years ago, what is now Tenebris and Eurland ceded from Corvus in a rebellion for their independence. Formed by religious and cultural minorities, Tenebris has thrived since the events of the Ten Years War… and the subsequent Great Tenebris War, maintaining its sovereignty and forming its own cultural identity as the centuries went on.

Brianna R Shaffery Author

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Xander

Meet Xander, Nyla’s new and most trusted friend in the upcoming novel Fire & Flight!

World of F-F #5 Politics

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Political Landscape of Tenebris

Yesterday was election day in the US, and while we’re exercising our right to vote, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share the political structure of Tenebris, the fictional backdrop of my upcoming YA fantasy novel, Fire & Flight.

Delhart Family Portrait

Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: The Delhart Family

Meet Nyla’s family as we continue to explore the World of Fire & Flight!


Introducing the World of Fire & Flight : Myths of the Shadow Forest

Learn about the myths of the perilous Shadow Forest in this week’s World of Fire & Flight!

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Introducing the World of Fire & Flight : Nyla

Meet Nyla, the main character of my upcoming novel, Fire & Flight!


Introducing the World of the Heirs of Tenebris Trilogy : Harvum!

As today is the official start of our fall, I wanted to wish everyone a happy “Harvum” as my characters get ready to celebrate the change of seasons in their world, the kingdom of Tenebris!

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Stay tuned for more information and updates about my upcoming novel – I cannot wait to share it with y’all????

The Cut File

Have you recently finished a draft and are staring down a ruthless round of revisions? Whether it’s your first or almost final draft, now is the time to look at your writing with a critical eye, ironing out details in the revision process or fixing those typos you swear weren’t there before (been there, said…


The Road to Fire and Flight

My journey writing a novel started began in 2016, and I couldn’t be happier to share my experience with all of you! It was a long process but it was also incredibly gratifying. Never give up on your goals!