Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Pumpkie Clans

Super cool clan symbols made by Marcella Thaler Designs!

While many animals throughout Tenebris tend to live as a family unit or as individuals, pumpkies live in clans. Once thriving, the three Pumpkie Clans of modern Tenebris are limited. Well isolated from the rest of Tenebris, the Brewardt Clan, Zeldher Clan, and Reyhart Clan live in the mountain ranges of northwestern Tenebris. The Brewardt (pronounced Bree-Ward-t), Zeldher (pronounced Zeld-hear), and Reyhart (pronounced Ray-heart) Clans are similar to one another, though each tends to emphasize different magical practices. Though the clans may wield magic differently and focus on specific types of magic from one another, the clans are highly cooperative with each other. Being born into one clan does not mean a pumpkie couldn’t choose to live amongst another, though the practice of migrating to a different clan isn’t common because pumpkies do recognize blood relations, even with the presence of a clan hierarchy.

Within the clan, the High Elder holds the most notoriety and influential power. The High Elder is usually the oldest able member of the clan, and is tasked with leading the Council of Elders. The High Seer is a member of the Elder Council and commands nearly the same amount of respect and influence that the High Elder does. The High Seer is a pumpkie who possesses a great deal of skill with empathetic magic, meaning they have a more innate sense than even their fellow pumpkies. Rounding out the clan’s hierarchy are the other members of the Elder Council. The rest of the pumpkies of a clan contribute in a variety of ways, holding roles such as hunters, gatherers, healers, and warriors who guard the border of their territory.

Truly fascinating, pumpkies have played a large role in the history of Tenebris. Dubbed in myth and legend as the Guardians of Tenebris, learn how their history intersects with my characters’ histories in Fire & Flight, now available!