Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Balmae, Six Hundred Years in the Making

Thank you to @tadpole_art (Instagram) for this beautiful portrait of Balmae!

Stability ~ Calm ~ Perseverance ~ Wisdom

Balmae is the rebirth of Helpet in the Astretarian religion. Sharing many of the same duties as Helpet, Balmae (baal+may) is a more cohesive balance to Corruptio. Ruling over neither the light nor the dark, both Balmae and Corruptio work seamlessly to uphold the balance for the sake of humanity. Guiding, testing, and nurturing, Balmae is often gentler in her handling of humanity and the potential of their whims.

Helpet’s transformation into Balmae occurred over six hundred years ago, during a trying time in Tenebrese history. During this period of reformation, the Astretarian religion was born, and with it the gentler Balmae was born from Helpet. Compassionate, just, and tempered, Balmae inspires the best in humanity. Offering encouragement and strength when needed, Balmae provides the steadfast resolution needed to overcome whatever may test the will and morality of humans, including challenges designed by her counterpart, Corruptio.

Often associated with Shadowjays, Balmae is an omnipresent grace over the realm of humanity. Much like the restorative and self-sacrificial birds, Balmae a quiet force of wisdom throughout the Astretarian religion.