Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Helpet

Thank you to @tadpole_art (Instagram) for this amazing portrait of Helpet!

Perseverance ~ Wisdom ~ Protection

To the Godberdians, Helpet is the omni-present goddess they look to the most. The first form of the old goddess, Helpet (help+pet) is one half of the greater world balance, though She doesn’t hold power over any specific realm of either good or evil. Fierce, regal, yet kind and compassionate, She aggressively tries to balance the world of the humans whenever it tilts too far to one side of the scale. She and Corruptio, the contrast to Helpet’s light, don’t always agree on how to maintain the balance or the best way to lead the humans toward good or how to test their beliefs, Helpet is often considered a force of “good” over Her counterpart.

She is often associated with Pyrosas (pie-rosas), a nocturnal creature of the flames with charcoal-colored eyes that are said to damn the souls of those foolish enough to meet their gaze.