Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Raverins

A majestic raverin, depicted here by Marcella Thaler Design

Raverins have an ambiguous history with the country of Tenebris. The eagle-sized, fork-tongued creature is both revered and considered to be a bad omen by the people of Tenebris. While the origins of this belief are unknown, the connotation remains strong in certain areas of the kingdom, even though the bird has long been designated by the Caradel royal family as the bird of Tenebris. The fierce and loyal bird is featured on many crests and in artworks throughout Tenebris, including the Caradel family crest and is one of many symbols attributed to the Tenebrese military.

With matte black feathers and an impressive wingspan, a raverin (pronounced /reyv-er-ahyn/) also features scales beginning at their mid torso and a tail like a dragon rather than tail feathers. Graceful flyers, raverins are highly intelligent. For these reason, they are often trained as scouts or messengers by the Tenebrese army. However, raverins aren’t capable of the same telepathic communication with humans as the pumpkies are.

Despite being used as a dependable food source for many Tenebrese and the skepticism surrounding the bird, raverins are an important symbol of Tenebris and play a large role in my debut young adult fantasy novel novel, Fire & Flight, book one of the Heirs of Tenebris trilogy, coming July 2022!