Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Taddles and Taddlings

A creature from my young adult fantasy novel, taddles are one of many fantastical animals in Fire & Flight!
An adolescent taddle portrayed by Marcella Thaler Design

Have you ever sat by a peaceful pool of crystal clear water and studied what may be swimming beneath its surface? When visiting the world of my young adult fantasy novel, Fire & Flight, if you look close enough in the gentle streams and brooks throughout the Shadow Forest, you may see the young taddlings or the fully grown taddles swimming along through the water.

Taddles are the fully grown version of taddlings. These slender-bodied amphibians possess features of humans, though predominantly have characteristics of fish and other water-dwelling creatures like mermaids and sirens. Featuring webbed hands and feet, taddles are adorned with fins and gills as they spend the majority of their time under water. With the ability to out leap nearly any predator, taddles are able to live in relative safety. Their young are not as developed as taddles and so taddlings look more like fish in appearance and only begin to take on more humanoid features as they grow into adulthood.

In the quiet moments of the adventure they have set out on, Nyla and Xander observe the world around them. While their adventures may not always be peaceful, if my main characters look hard enough in the rare quiet moments when they find themselves near a stream, they might just observe a school of taddles or their young in the crystal waters. See what you can find when you explore the world of Tenebris in my young adult fantasy novel Fire & Flight, book one of the Heirs of Tenebris trilogy coming July 2022!