Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: The Delhart Family

Nyla comes from a close-knit family of six who relies on one another at all times, good or bad. Nestled in the rolling hills of northwest Tenebris, Nyla and her three siblings had the freedom to explore the world around them, as well as the guidance to grow into well-rounded individuals with roots they could rely on for generations to come.

Special thank you to Gabi Hawkins for bringing the Delhart Family to life!

Brought up on the land, Nyla’s oldest brother Derek takes after their mother. A scholarly type at heart, Derek looked toward a future studying at one of Tenebris’ universities and quite possibly becoming a tutor just like their mother. Compassionate, patient, and strong-willed, Derek is one of the few people Nyla would listen to as a child, besides Ma and Pa of course. Not one to tattle necessarily, Derek definitely had a sway over his younger siblings that only the oldest child could.

Sharing the same face and eyes as Nyla, as well as a birthday, her older twin Westley had a quiet, artistic nature that made him well-liked — and well-informed. Content to sketch in his book, the only thing wild about Westley is the curly hair he inherited from their father. But Nyla, on the other hand, was a bouncy ball of energy and the two of them would usually be up to no good thanks to Nyla’s excitable nature. Double the trouble when dragged along by Nyla, Westley is loyal to a fault and can keep any secret you could tell — whether you know he’s listening or not.

Lydia, the youngest of Nyla’s siblings, has an easy smile and bright eyes. A mellower version of Nyla, Lydia has a sharp eye and a knack for wrapping people around her little finger. As fixed as the sun sets in the west, Lydia is quick to temper when things aren’t going the way they should be — er, her way that is — she’s also quick to move on, so her temper doesn’t typically last long!

Then there’s Ma: kind, gentle, and a lover of tradition, Ma has made certain that her children learn and keep the traditions of both Tenebris and her country of birth, Eurland. Inquisitive and adventurous, the prospect of leaving her homeland as well as her family was often quelled by the idea of being able to explore the world around her. And that’s what ultimately drew her to her husband: they both share a sense of adventure and love of life. While Ma doesn’t travel much anymore, she has found joy in teaching the children of the town’s schoolhouse and seeing the wonder in their eyes as she introduces them to the world around them.

Last but not least, Pa’s another strong-willed Delhart with an unwavering compassion and loyalty toward his family. Still traveling, Pa spends whatever time he can with his family when not called upon by the businessman he works for. Proud of his family and content with the life he and Ma have built, Pa is happy to live in the quiet moments when they’re all gathered around the dinner table after working in the field or being away from home for too long — and let’s face it: any time away anymore is too long in Pa’s opinion.

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