Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Sagittarii

A rare portrait of the fiery wildarris, captured by Marcella Thaler Design

Used to refer to the different breeds of large, long-legged, and strong creatures, most breeds of sagittarii can be domesticated. Though there are many different types of these gentile creatures, the most well-known breed of sagittarii is the wildarris.

Almost a creature of myth, wildarris (pronounced /wild-airees/) are magical beings known for their spirited nature and difficulty to tame. Said to be able to wisp,* wildarris are most known for their ability to wield fire. While their wild hearts are difficult to tame, bonding and gaining the trust of a wildarris is possible—however difficult. Once you gain a wildarris’s trust, it is said that they can appear to your aid when needed most before returning to their homelands of the Amber Dunelands and Barrier Plains.

Immerse yourself in the world of Tenebris and its legends in my upcoming young adult fantasy-adventure novel, Fire & Flight, comingJuly 2022!

*Wisp: a term meaning to travel through the use of magic to different places at will; the power of teleportation