Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Pyrosas

A pyrosa, as drawn by the talented Marcella Thaler Designs!

Neither bird nor rodent, these slender bodied creatures of the flame are known for their beautiful tail plumage and the Tappentine myths surrounding them. According to Tappentine (pronounced /tap-en-teen/) legends, the charcoal-colored eyes of a pyrosa (pronounced /pie-roh-sah/) are believed to be able to set your soul ablaze, supposedly damning you to a wretched afterlife. While it can’t be said for certain whether or not this is myth or fact, it is known that pyrosas are able to spit fire. Quick and agile, these maroon- and deep orange-colored creatures are rarely spotted near populated areas. With tufted crown feathers of a pale yellow, pyrosas are not known to be social creatures and prefer solitude.

Just one of many fantastical creatures from my upcoming novel Fire & Flight, pyrosas can be found in the mysterious Shadow Forest. Stay tuned for more details about Fire & Flight and the world of Tenebris, coming soon!