Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Niphonies

A niphony, as captured by Marcella Thaler Design in this stunning portrait.

The niphony is a particularly small insect that can be found throughout Tenebris. With a dark exoskeleton speckled like the night sky, a niphony (pronounced /ni-foh-nee/) is capable of producing musical sounds or chirps that can be heard throughout the warm seasons of Tenebris. Largely dormant during Serenmae, niphonies are a common attribute to the nocturnal atmosphere of Tenebris, a fact that main character Nyla associates with her home.

Often times, the symphony of the abundant niphonies could be heard over the crackling of her family’s Harvum firepit. Sitting in the crisp air and enjoying flame-roasted maalhollows (pronounced /mawl-hol-ohs/), a sugar based sweet that becomes gooey when warmed, the sound of a niphony chorus can bring Nyla back to fond memories and her roots.

Learn more about the creatures of Tenebris and their associations to my main characters in Fire & Flight — coming summer 2022!