Introducing the World of Fire & Flight : Myths of the Shadow Forest

Long ago, say six to eight centuries ago, a great fire ravaged the Shadow Forest. Some say that the most remote parts of the Shadow Forest still burn to this very day. Now while it’s difficult to say for certain when the fire happened, or how it started, or even what caused the tendrils of smoke travelers still report, everyone agrees on one thing: the Shadow Forest is haunted.

Huge thank you to Marcella of Thaler Designs for this adorable depiction of the Shadow Forest’s myths!

They say that there was once a great and terrible war, during which an evil sorceress stole magic from the land in an effort to turn the tides of the war. Blinded by her hatred and greed, she even drained the life force and magic from those around her, and those who opposed her.

But the stolen magic was too much for her to handle, and it scorched the land of Tenebris like a thousand bolts of lightning. Forever changed, the land is all that remains as a testament to the actions of those long dead.

It is because of these actions that the Shadow Forest is believed to be haunted. Whether people believe that the Forest is haunted by tendrils of smoke from that long ago fire or the souls of those the sorceress murdered for power, all of Tenebris knows the dangers of the Shadow Forest and its legacy. And whatever it is that lurks in the Shadow Forest — smoke or ghosts — it leads unsuspecting travelers astray, never to be seen again.

Deep in the forest of sapphire leaves, amber dirt, and crackled, ashen trees, lies the most powerful source of magic in all of Tenebris, and possibly the world. Protected by the Shadow Forest or the source of its dark hauntings, Fortune Falls is said to have the power to grant your heart’s innermost desire. People go to great lengths to take a sip from its waters. Some say it’s a fool’s errand while others swear by the power they may never seek out for themselves. But one thing is certain: the Shadow Forest is haunted, and it’s waiting for you to explore its secrets in Fire & Flight, available now.