Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: History is Complicated

Over six hundred years ago, what is now Tenebris and Eurland ceded from Corvus in a rebellion for their independence. Formed by religious and cultural minorities, Tenebris has thrived since the events of the Ten Years War… and the subsequent Great Tenebris War, maintaining its sovereignty and forming its own cultural identity as the centuries went on.

Map of Tenebris by Marcella Thaler Designs

But here’s where things get complicated: Tenebris is a scarred land with a war-torn history that still, unbeknownst to the vast majority, impacts the present. Once a lush land with plentiful forests, Tenebris has become a strange mix of desert, plains, and forest. While the average Tenebrese citizen doesn’t know the country’s full history, a select few know the truth — a select few who have guarded Tenebris in complete and total secrecy since the war of so many centuries ago.

This is their history, or rather the history of Tenebris that they’ve sworn to protect and keep hidden from living memory.

Six hundred and forty-seven years ago, the Corvid Uprising ended and has since faded from memory, though its scars on the land have remained. Also known as the Great Tenebris War, the Corvid Uprising was an unspeakable tragedy, a crusade led by a madwoman seeking revenge for events that had transpired two decades before, during the Ten Years War that resulted in Tenebris — and Eurland — becoming independent nations. Weakened by the Ten Years War, Corvus as a country was wary of another war, but a faction of their people was not, thus beginning the Corvid Uprising.

Slowly infiltrated by ill-meaning Corvids in the decades that followed the Ten Years War, fighting broke out from within. More Corvids invaded the country at the outbreak of the war, and Tenebris found itself unprepared for a war of this ferocity. Quickly descending into chaos, if the war had been remembered by the masses and its history taught, people would know that the country found itself saddled between a ruthless army of self-proclaimed avengers and a scrambling force that meant to keep the invaders at bay. Outnumbered by the Tenebrese army, the Corvids made up for it in their magical skill — that is until the Royal Mage took charge of the war in what is arguably Tenebris’ first record of a General Mage. Soon to be a war of attrition, the leader of the Corvid Uprising became desperate, and went to great and terribly unspeakable lengths to secure victory for her cause — lengths that proved fruitless for the outcome of the forgotten war.

Bitterly defeated, the Corvid Uprising fizzled out, and Tenebris was left to settle the aftermath that would last indefinitely.

After six hundred and forty-seven years, the select few who know, who have been tasked with remembering and passing the information through the generations, remain ever vigilant should the incomplete history of the Corvid Uprising ever choose to bring itself to a close.

And now all across Tenebris, from the Amber Dunelands of the south to the very heart of the Shadow Forest to the Godberd Woods of the north, the land remains transformed by the war and the events that transpired more than six hundred years ago. Unbeknownst to the protectors of Tenebris, the war is far from over. Unravel the centuries-old secrets and conflict in the upcoming YA Fantasy, Fire & Flight.