Introducing the World of Fire & Flight: Aquaerials

This beautiful artwork of an aquaerial was designed by Marcella Thaler Designs

Sometimes referred to as ethereal fish-eaters, aquaerials are birds of a flock. Often found living in large groupings of 15-20 birds, aquaerials tend to migrate from water source to water source depending on the availability of food. An aquaerial is known to be well-tempered toward other animals and aquaerials, though they can be viciously aggressive toward those who frighten them or threaten their young.

With feathers of a nearly pearlescent blue and silver, an aquaerial looks like a moving body of water in and of itself, hence the nickname of “ethereal fish-eaters”. The watercolor feathers look as though they’re rain droplets or ripples of water flowing off of the long-legged bird. Slim-beaked, aquaerials are proficient fish catchers and have been known to decimate a fish population before migrating to another area. Due to their impact and demand on their chosen environment, aquaerials are known to reside throughout Tenebris, with the exception of the Amber Dunelands.

One of many fantastical creatures from my upcoming novel, Fire & Flight, these keen-eared birds require patience and a determined will in order to be observed.