July 18: Embers of Eternity’s Release Day FAQ

As many of you know, tomorrow (July 18th) is Embers of Eternity‘s (the second book in my young adult fantasy trilogy) release day, and in order to get ready for it, I wanted to share some answers to some frequently asked release week questions:

Q: I’m in the Kindle/Amazon app on my mobile device (phone/tablet/etc.) but I can’t purchase Embers of Eternity‘s e-book!

A: Unfortunately, app stores like Google Play and Apple App Store have made it impossible to purchase e-books through other vendors such as Amazon because both companies have their own e-book store. In order to purchase Embers of Eternity‘s e-book, you’ll need to use a browser (ie: Chrome, Mozilla, Mircosoft Edge, Safari) on either your mobile or desktop device. To purchase the e-book, go to your internet browser (on your phone or desktop), head to bit.ly/heirs02, and log in to your Amazon account to complete your purchase! Your e-book should appear on your e-reader or Kindle app shortly thereafter????

Just a note: Embers of Eternity‘s e-book will be available for FREE from July 18 until July 22, though you’ll still have to hit that “buy now” button. Fire & Flight‘s e-book will available at a discounted price in the U.S. and U.K. from July 18 until July 24, so don’t miss out on that deal either!

Q: Is your Heirs of Tenebris trilogy available worldwide?

A: Yes! Both Fire & Flight‘s and Embers of Eternity‘s e-books are available for purchase worldwide at bit.ly/heirs01 and bit.ly/heirs02, respectively. Physical copies of both books can be found here on my website or anywhere books are sold via books2read.com/fire-flight and books2read.com/eoe! Book 3 of my young adult fantasy trilogy, Winds of War, will also be available worldwide once it releases (which tentatively set to launch later this year)????

Q: I’d like to leave a review, but Amazon isn’t letting me…

A: Amazon has a particular rule of thumb regarding customer reviews: customers must have spent at least $50 on the Amazon marketplace in the last 12 months with a valid debit or credit card. Promotional discounts don’t count toward that $50. Also, Amazon may take a while to post your review, so don’t worry if it doesn’t show up immediately! If you try to post it multiple times, Amazon may see it as spam and not post it all.

I think those are the big-ticket items for launch day, but if you do have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me via social media or the contact form on my website!