Exciting things coming soon, but first…

Hey everyone! As I may have mentioned on social media or in my newsletter, I’ve been working on some new things to share with all of you as well as drafting the third and final book in my young adult fantasy series, the Heirs of Tenebris. Before I can share my exciting news with all of you, I could really use your help. If you haven’t done so already, please head over to my Instagram or Twitter to vote for your favorite quote from Fire & Flight. Check out the quotes below and choose your favorite!

Quote 1:

Magic sparked from Nyla’s fingertips. She refused to be afraid again.

Quote 2:

He only hoped it was a better part, a more courageous part, than the part he’d allowed himself to play the last time around.

Of all his sins, of all his crimes, the worst was not being brave enough.

He hadn’t gotten braver over the past six long centuries, Cedric knew that. But even cowards could do brave things once in a while.

Quote 3:

No one knew what could possibly forgive such an act, but many had tried to free the shadows with this belief. But with so many different ways the story had been told, no one knew for certain what happened all those centuries ago. Nyla certainly didn’t. And they were probably just that, legends. But they would explain why the Shadow Forest was painted like a living fire.

Quote 4:

All of the grief and bitterness that Nyla had lived with for years now rose up like bile. It bolstered her and washed away the agony that made her body wail. Nyla forced herself to her feet. She was wobbly, but an iron-like determination flooded every fiber within her.

That grief and bitterness and abandoned feeling that she’d known for so long that it was almost a familiar friend morphed into a weaponized hatred that burned hotter than a thousand suns.

The air around her crackled and popped. Crystals from the chandelier above shattered. Shards of glass fell like rain.