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Heirs of Tenebris: An Epic Young Adult Fantasy Series

There are those that tell stories about the legends of the Shadow Forest, of magical waters that grant your deepest desires, and of times long ago when ancient sorcerers wielded unnatural power.

After the death of her family and the appearance of strange physical changes she cannot explain, seventeen-year-old Nyla begins to wonder if she might be cursed with magic herself. Without a home and longing for the family she’s lost, Nyla retreats into herself.

But when her new plan for answers brings her to a crossroads with a fellow traveler named Xander—whose own painful past is also a mystery—Nyla must decide if she can trust a stranger. But even if she can learn to trust, could her very connection to Xander place them both in peril?

With an ominous force gaining power in Nyla’s homeland, she must choose how far she is willing to go to find answers when not only her fate—but possibly all of Tenebris—depends on it.

Fire & Flight is Brianna R. Shaffery’s debut novel and the first novel in the epic young adult Fantasy trilogy Heirs of Tenebris.

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A short story that details the day in a life of a young prisoner whose hope is to one day sail on a ship he had seen before his imprisonment. This was originally an assignment given to me for class in order to utilize setting and improve our character development. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

The New York skyline is crumbling. For all she knows, Rae and her family are the only ones alive, but even that becomes questionable as she finds herself broken and shattered. The city that had given her so much hope from a distance now stands as a symbol of a world in ruins. The only survivors? They're dead, but walking the earth as if they forgot to lay down. And they're getting closer to Rae and her family. Are they really safe in the lighthouse? Or have they survived this long only to be infected?

Memories are a fickle thing, especially when all you remember are a few hushed words swept away by careening chaos and the fading of your consciousness.When I next opened my eyes, I was in a room I didn’t know, in a world I realized with crushing certainty I didn’t belong in, that couldn’t be real.But there’s one thing I do remember: I was running from something, and that something, that monster, was strikingly real, despite Spencer’s reassurances of my safety. Every day is a battle, but how long can someone fight themselves?

Join Ava and Spencer as they host Thanksgiving for their friends Delia and Howie. As the four recount their lives and the things they're grateful for, the celebration turns sour.

Will the four of them be able to reconcile their hopes for the future against the lives they've led for years?